Electronic equipment stock

E-NERGIE offers a wide choice of refurbished electronic equipment, for purchase or standard exchange.

Refurbished equipments

Used electronic equipment collected or bought from our industrial clients usually comes from the dismantling of their production lines. It is refurbished with the utmost care by the E-NERGIE teams before being offered for sale.
  1. Diagnostic + repair if necessary
  2. Preventive maintenance operations
  3. Cleaning
  4. Full testing and inspection

Standard exchange in 48 hours

Our priority is to reduce your downtime in the event of a breakdown. To do this, we offer standard exchange, a complementary service to repair. Our procedure is simple:
  1. Order your equipment based on the used sale price, shipping included (tested and guaranteed for 12 months)
  2. It’s delivered to you within 48 hours
  3. Return your defective equipment to E-NERGIE – Shipping costs at your expense.
    • If this equipment is repairable, a purchase voucher for the amount of the difference between the second-hand sale price and the standard exchange price will be sent to you within 30 days.
    • This voucher can be used for a repair or other standard exchange transaction.
    • If we determine that your equipment is not repairable, you may pick it up or have us destroy it.

Availability of reconditioned electronic equipment: Two time zones

  • An immediate zone that you can check out on our online shop (already tested and refurbished equipment, ready for pickup)
  • A 48-hour zone in which you can find more than 3,000 references. 48 hours is the time needed to transfer the equipment to our workshop, overhaul it, recondition it and make it available to you.

If you are already an E-NERGIE customer and would like to see strategic equipment for your production appear in the immediate area, let us know the list and we will endeavor to keep this equipment ready for pickup and at no extra cost to you!

For references available in 48H, the estimate is established after receiving your request, including the brand and reference of the equipment sought.

In any case, do not hesitate to contact us directly for any more complex question.