Sourcing of rare and obsolete equipments

Access to a network of qualified suppliers around the world, paperwork managed and refurbishing of equipments on arrival by our technical team.


Refurbished equipments

Used electronic equipment collected or bought from our industrial clients usually comes from the dismantling of their production lines. It is refurbished with the utmost care by the E-NERGIE teams before being offered for sale.
  1. Diagnostic + repair if necessary
  2. Preventive maintenance operations
  3. Cleaning
  4. Full testing and inspection

Electrical current Analysis

Anticipate maintenance and reduce production downtime thanks to the analysis of electrical current. Discover Gausscope, designed and developed by E-NERGIE thanks to its repairs experiences.

Gausscope makes it affordable and accessible to analyse electrical current to identify signs of fatigue, faults or electrical failure in industrial equipment to avoid and reduce production downtime.